Monday, September 6, 2010

Book Club: "The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes" Chapters 36-50

Wow, this book keeps getting better and better.  I really like Dru and that her and Cory are so different, yet they get along well.  Tip to mothers, do not leave notes to call people where your children will see them, especially when asking favors on your child's behalf.  I thought Eve calling the play director to ask her to include Corey somehow was perfectly normal for a mother to do.  It worked too.  Corey was included in the play with her sister and she was thrilled.  Unfortunately, she saw the reminder note and figured out her mother called and set it up.  Instead of being thankful Eve did that, she was embarrassed.  

Again, CeeCee should have been more honest with Cory when she asked about tracking down her relatives on her father's side.  It's fun to see a mature CeeCee as a mother but I still think she has no right to keep Cory in the dark about her biological father and let her father think his daughter was never born or is dead.  This to me is her biggest crime.

I thought for sure Eve would get to know Irving Russell better when he became President of the college where she worked and would let him know the truth finally, but she didn't.  At least she didn't get mixed up in another mess by answering the email she received about helping another fugitive.  Score 1 point for her there.  

It's pretty ironic how Cory chose to be involved with Ken, a charming, smooth talker 12 years older with the same pretty eyes Tim had.  I don't really like him too much because of the big age difference and I agree with Marian about not trusting a man who takes a girl from her family.  Something's up with that.  Eve had a funny line though when she said to herself, at least he's not a felon.  I liked the nuances between Eve and Ken.  That whole bottled water bit was funny too.  

Right about at that point, Tim Gleason gets arrested and charged with kidnapping and the murder of Genevieve Russell and her unborn child.  From here on, after every chapter I think "This is SO good!"  Eve is glued to the TV and is obsessed with watching the trial every day and the news to hear the latest updates.  She is scared that the police will be coming for her any day but so far her luck has held out.  Tim actually lied on the stand to protect her--what a nice guy.  

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  1. edThe book is really good! It keeps you thinking and doesn't let you put it down! Ken is a creep and if I was her mom I would have told her so! Who cares if she didn't like it! I thought she would get closer to Russell too.


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