Monday, September 13, 2010

Book Club: "The Secret Life Of CeeCee Wilkes" Chapters 50-71

I'm so glad Eve finally told her husband the whole truth about who she really is and what really happened.  He proved to be a good guy when he stuck with her.  Cory understandably was feeling betrayed and very hurt, but I was glad she was able to forgive Eve and not marry Ken.  He was a control freak and I didn't like that he called Jack a "Baffoon."  

The fact that Tim did not implicate CeeCee in the kidnapping showed that he too had changed over the years and in a way, was trying to make up for using her for his own gain. 

It was good to see Cory finally think for herself and venture out of her comfort zone to take charge of her life.  I liked that Irving Russell accepted Cory for who she was and went easy on Eve for her sake.  

I loved the ending when Eve only had to serve one year in prison, she got back her box of letters from her old roommate and visited Tim in Jail to confirm that he was the one who sent the money for Corey.  The reason was a surprise. 

This is a great book!

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  1. Karen, Thanks for visiting my site. I did like the book, but I think my scoring was hindered a little because I just finished reading The Help and I really enjoyed it. I just felt like we didn't have enough story at the end. I would have liked to see the trial, etc.


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