Friday, September 17, 2010

Where Do You Like To Read?

According to our little poll we had on here last week, bed was the number one answer which surprised me.  We never read in bed.  I do not even like reading lying down because to me it is just uncomfortable to lay on my stomach to read like Gerard does or to hold the book up in the air while lying on my back.  My arms get tired after awhile.  Perhaps people reading while sitting up in bed, but to me that is not comfortable either.  Gerard usually reads in a chair which was the second highest answer in our poll.
My favorite place to read is in the library garden on a chair in downtown Cleveland on a nice warm day.  The downside of this is that I have to wear a hat because lots of birds like sitting in those trees and once, a bird's doo doo plopped right on the library book I was reading, Adventures With Ari.  I usually spend my half my lunch hour reading there but most of my reading is done on the bus going to and from work.  This is why I like using public transportation, because I can just sit back and relax with a book. 
Thanks to all who participated in our poll last week.  It's right at the top of our blog for your convenience.  We had 21 voters last week.  So where do you like to read? 

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  1. I read on the bus while commuting back and forth to work as well! That is one of the best things about taking public transportation....


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