Thursday, August 4, 2011

"Iron House" by John Hart

Iron House by John Hart is a well-written novel that is a combination of suspense, mystery, drama and love.  It is about two brothers who lived at an orphanage called “Iron House” until one was adopted by a senator and his wife (Julian), and the other took off on his own to protect his brother (Michael).  Michael grew up tough and got into organized crime, but when he fell in love with Elena and wanted to leave to go straight.  Giving up killing though wasn’t easy, especially when they didn’t want to let him go. 
This psychological thriller just kept getting better and better as the plot thickened.  The author did an amazing job getting the reader to actually like Michael and pull for him even though he killed seven people before lunch!  Iron House is riveting and definitely a page-turner.  I loved the insight into the mob and the depth of the characters.  Iron House deals with issues of family, love, betrayal, mental illness, crime, abuse and secrets.  I think this book would be an excellent choice for a book club and highly recommend it if you like a good thriller! 
(Karen’s Review)
What a GREAT book to start August with!  The plot in this book is so good that what I thought I knew I wasn't even close, and the last chapters have some major twists and turns!  Has a really happy ending too!  For sure to make my top ten books of the year!!  It goes without saying that this book is a double WOW!  I highly recommend it
(Gerard’s Review)

We both think this is John Hart's best book yet and would like to see it made into a movie.

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We got a free copy from the publisher to review this book but it in no way influenced our reviews.  We both LOVED IT and think you would too! 

Have you read this one? What did you think of it?

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