Thursday, June 4, 2015

"The Bullet" by Mary Louise Kelly--Differing Opinions on This One

The Bullet by Mary Louise Kelly is told by Caroline Cashion, a professor at Georgetown University.  Her wrist is giving her a lot of pain, but when she goes for a MRI, she discovers that she has a bullet in her neck!  When she asks her parents about it, the shocking truth comes out.  Here is a teaser from the jacket cover:
You think you know someone.  But then one day you find yourself running.  Really running, lungs burning, legs churning.  Too frightened to stop and look back.  It turns out I have been running my whole life.  I just never knew it.
This story is told very well.  I think it is a real page turner and the last part of the book has a twist that you will not see coming.  I LOVED IT!
(Gerard's review, 5++ stars)

Karen's review (3 stars):
The Bullet by Mary Louise Kelly is a contemporary mystery about a 37-yr-old woman, Caroline, who just learns that she has a bullet lodged in her neck near her spinal cord and that she was adopted. She has no recollection of her birth parents or of being shot. She grew up with a nice couple that she thought of as her parents all her life with a couple brothers. She is a professor at Georgetown University but her life is turned upside down when she receives this news. The story focuses on her search for the truth about what happened to her birth parents in Atlanta, how the bullet got in her neck, and the choices she makes based on the information she digs up. I found this pretty slow moving although the premise was intriguing. This mystery sort of plods along but the surprise ending makes the read worth it.

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