Monday, January 1, 2018

Our 12 Favorite Books for 2017

Out of all the books Gerard and I have read this year, there were only 12 that we both absolutely loved.  We highly recommend all of these to you!  To see our reviews of these, you can use the search box on our blog.  I also did some video reviews for:  The Great Pursuit, Scythe, The Reluctant Queen, Undivided (all mentioned in this video below) and The Selection Series that Gerard did not read and Scar Island.

There are also books I read and loved but that Gerard did not read, and some he read and loved that I did not read.  A separate video will be coming soon showing each of our top 12 favorites for the year  (Karen's add'l 12 Favorites link to video).  Visit my YouTube channel here.

Happy Reading in the new year!

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