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"Thunderhead" by Neal Shusterman

Thunderhead by Neal Shusterman is the followup to Scythe.  I found this book very different from Scythe.  Rowan and Citra are in this book too, but there are a lot of new characters that have big roles.  Thunderhead has a ton of surprises which I enjoyed.  I never knew what was coming next!  The parts that Rowan and Citra were in were the parts I enjoyed most though.  I liked the first book in this series better, but this one is okay.

Teaser from page 29:  "But allowing the . . . the condemned . . . to choose their own method?  It's positively barbaric!" Scythe Truman shouted.
(Gerard's review, 3.5 stars)

Karen's Review:
Thunderhead is the second book in the Arc of a Scythe series. I was really looking forward to this book because I loved the first one, but was somewhat disappointed in it because of the slow pace. I expected to understand the Thunderhead better, but unfortunately, I am just as confused about it as I was in the first book. This book follows the separate lives of Rowan and Citra (Scythe Anastasia). This book also has a big surprise that I did not like at all! This book has lots of action near the end, including a very interesting concave and ends on a cliff hanger, of course.

This book gets better as it goes along but I really did not like the ending or the big surprise. I still like Scythe Anastasia and Rowan in this book and kept hoping that somehow Scythe Faraday would be able to fix everything but that didn’t happen. Scythe Curie is very cool in this book too, I liked Greyson Tolliver as well, and think that somehow, maybe he’ll become a scythe in the next book. His relationship with the Thunderhead was confusing to me, but hopefully it will all clear up in the next book. The Thunderhead seems to be kind of an artificial god with some limits. I am ready to see what happens in the next book of this series!
(4 stars)

SPOILERS (stop here if you have not yet read this book):
Did not like that Goddard was rescued by Rand and given a new body attached to his head—made no sense!

Don’t think either Rand nor Goddard were smart enough to know how to mess up things that brought down Endura. Thought it was interesting though how Rand told Rowan to leave the island ASAP because if Goddard lost, things would even be worse! She must have been in on the whole plan.

Really hated that Scythe Curie did not get to be the High Blade.

How is anyone going to find Rowan and Anastasia to bring them back to life? Even if the vault is discovered, how would anyone get it opened?

I also hate that Goddard is going to go back and get to be the High Blade now that Scythe Curie is dead.

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