Thursday, June 20, 2019

"No Exit" by Taylor Adams

In No Exit by Taylor Adams, Darby Thorne gets caught up in a blizzard.  She is able to get to a rest stop and once there, will find out that the snow will become the least of her problems!  This book is a real page turner.  Darby and the other characters were developed very well.  The action was good and I loved the ending!
(Gerard's review, 5++ Stars)

Karen's review:
No Exit by Taylor Adams is a thrilling suspense about Darby, a college girl who has been a big pain to her mother all her life. Darby gets caught in a blizzard in Colorado on her way to see her mother and make things right before she dies. When Darby stops at a rest stop, there are only four people inside—a creepy guy named Lars, a guy about her age named Ashley who was a chatter box, an older alcoholic veterinarian named Ed and his cousin, Sandi. Once Darby discovers Jay, a 9-yr-old girl locked in a cage in back of a van in the parking lot, she decides to help save the girl.

The suspense gradually builds as this book slowly moves along while the four at the rest stop wait for the snow plow to arrive in the morning. Wow, what a thriller this is! Darby comes up with plan after plan as one fails and she has to think of something else. This winds up with Darby giving the kidnapper a lot of trouble and almost getting herself killed on several occasions. I liked this book and although a couple things were really far-fetched and didn’t quite add up, I would recommend it to anyone who likes suspense. (5 stars)

Gerard's Teaser from page 22:  She stepped away, leaving a handprint on the door, feeling her heartbeat pounding in her neck.  An intensifying rhythm.

Karen's Teaser from page 23: Oh my God, there’s a kid outside in that van.
Locked in a cage or something.

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