Tuesday, July 9, 2019

"Marooned in the Arctic" by Peggy Caravantes (non-fiction)

Marooned in the Arctic by Peggy Caravantes is the true story about Ada Blackjack, a desperate mother of a sick young boy who agreed to go on an Arctic expedition for two years to Wrangel Island to get some extra money for her son.  Wrangel Island is north of Alaska and Siberia!  She agreed to go along with three men as a seamstress to sew warm clothes for them during the two years. Although she was told some Eskimo families would join them, none did. During her time there, out of necessity, she learned to hunt, trap, kill, and even build a small boat! She and Vic the cat out survived the men!

Her story is quite remarkable, and I enjoyed the tidbits about the cats, walruses, polar bears and the Arctic Fox.  I can't imagine a day 50 degrees below zero like this expedition crew had to deal with.  No one could pay me enough to live like Ada did in the Arctic!  If you like adventures in tough conditions, read this!
(Karen’s review, 4 stars)

Gerard's review:
Marooned in the Arctic by Peggy Caravantes tells the true story of Ada Blackjack, a young Eskimo girl who goes along with four men on an expedition to Wrangel Island in the Arctic, a remote uninhabited territory.  She goes along because she needs money to help care for her ill son.  

I thought this book was pretty good.  I enjoyed the parts that dealt with the animals that she encountered.  This book is very short, but it kept my interest for the most part.  (4 stars)

Teaser from page 13: Cats and sailors have had a strong bond throughout history. Felines destroy rats and mice that could cause havoc on a ship in various ways: getting into a cargo of grain, chewing on the ship’s mooring ropes or woodwork, or carrying diseases. Cats do not like water, but they adapt to travel on it and become companions to lonely sailors.

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