Saturday, January 1, 2011

Book Tag: 5 Questions

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I thought this was a pretty interesting meme that I saw by BeautyBooksEtc on YouTube so both Gerard and I decided to do it.  If you are reading this and like it, then consider yourself tagged.

What is your all-time favorite book ever?

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Karen: Other than the Bible which I believe is God’s Word and has had the hugest impact on my life, I think I’d have to go with Beautiful Child by Torey Hayden. I love stories about teaching and this one has the dynamic of tension between two different teacher’s as well as a touching story about a special needs class with a physically abused girl (the beautiful child) who broke my heart. I gleaned several teaching tips from this and laughed out loud at certain parts but cried at the end. This was a WOW book for me—an emotional page-turner with teaching strategies!

Gerard: This is really hard but I'd say it's Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult. I thought it was fantastic because it had everything I look for in a book: twists and turns, believable characters, hard to put down, interesting subject and a great ending! In my opinion, this is her best book!

What is your least favorite book:

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Karen: I’m not sure if this means my least favorite being the least of the books I like the most which would take too long to figure out or a book I absolutely hated which is what I will answer. Not counting ones I didn’t finish, I’d have to say it’s a tie between Much Ado About Jessie Kaplan by Paula Cohen about an old lady believing she was Shakespeare’s mistress and At Home In Mitford by Jan Karon about the daily business of a priest in a small town. It just dragged along but I finished it because my sister-in-law recommended it.

Gerard: My worst was The Tower, the Zoo And The Tortoise because I just never could get into it even though I wanted to like it because of all the hpye it got. I did not "get" it at all.

What am I currently reading?

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Karen: I am currently reading several which are: (1) The Bible, just my second time through it a little each day; (2) 66 Love Letters by Dr. Larry Grabb which is written from God’s perspective sharing what He wants us to get from each book in the Bible; (3) A Closer Look At The Evidence by Kleiss that gives scientific, historical, archaeological and common sense support for the accuracy and reliability of the Bible; (4) Promise Me by Richard Paul Evans, my light fictional read about a woman persevering through tough times.

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Gerard: Rules by Cynthia Lord, her first book. So far, so good!

What is your reading guilty pleasure?

Karen & Gerard: Guess it would be murder mysteries because we like them in spite of the gruesome killings and the cruelty in them.

Show your book shelf.

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(den) Made by Karen's Dad
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  1. Nice book tag. Thanks for sharing....

  2. That's so funny because At Home in Mitford is one of my all time favorites! I gave it to my mom to read and she was so bored with it she couldn't get through the first chapter. I guess it's all a matter of taste!


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