Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Up From The Blue" by Susan Henderson

I find it hard to believe that Up From The Blue is Susan Henderson’s first book.  I really liked it!  Up From The Blue is about a Colonel’s daughter who one day finds that her mom is missing.  When she finds her mother, that is when the book really picks up steam.  All the characters are portrayed very well:  the dad, the brother and the mother and daughter.  Up From The Blue is a real page turner!  I’ll be looking for Ms. Henderson’s next work for sure!  I give this 10 stars and definitely recommend it!
(Gerard's review)

Karen read this one too after Gerard finished it and didn't like it near as much as Gerard:
Up From The Blue by Susan Henderson is just a very sad book about a family who is really unconnected with each other.  The girl is 8, the boy is 12 and neither really feels loved.  The dad is a military man who is at his wits end when it comes to helping his wife.  She is depressed all the time and he just hides it from everyone, telling the kids not to talk about her.  It‘s a story of putting on an act and hiding true feelings.  I felt bad for each one in the family.  It reminded me of The Glass Castle except that was non-fiction.  Told from the little girl’s point of view, the reader doesn’t get the full story until the girl does.  Although it is an interesting read, I didn’t care for it because it was just so depressing--no one in the family felt good enough. 
(Karen's review)

Have you read this one? What did you think of it?


  1. Adding this one to my wishlist! Thanks for sharing....

  2. This one has received amazing reviews, already on my Wishlist as a must read this year.

  3. I like how even your dog thinks its a good book.


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