Monday, January 17, 2011

Meet Us On Monday

Here's the questions from last week's meme hosted by Never Growing Old to help our readers get to know us better so sometimes we'll post it on this blog, and sometimes on our Right Where We Belong personal blog.

1.  Have you (only you..not a group) ever won first place in anything?
2.  Are your toes always painted (sorry guys...this question for girls only)?
3.  What color eyes do you have?
4.  Look to your left....what do you see?
5.  Soft cookies or crunchy cookies?

1.  Karen won first place for her green peppers she grew in her garden at her elementary school.  Gerard never won first place in anything as an individual but we did as a team both in bowling and volleyball.

2.  Never paint my toenails because I always wear socks and shoes.

3.  We both have big brown eyes.

4.  To the left is our cat, Manny, right is our cat Spunky Doodle.  They always come when I'm on the computer.
Manny on my Left
Spunky Doodle on my Right

5.  Karen prefers the soft, Gerard prefers the crunchy.  Speaking of cookies, I ordered four boxes of Girl Scout cookies.  Have you ordered yours yet?


  1. 1.I have won spelling bees as a student and a few contests throughout the years. The most significant being that I won a trip to New York last year for BEA. SSQQUUEEE!!!!

    2. Usually.... I can get lazy in the winter but spring through late fall - I am full color!

    3. Green

    4. My to go coffee cup.... sure the coffee is cold by now, my cell phone, post it notes, my car keys

    5. soft cookies - melt in your mouth cookies!


  2. Thanks for following!!! Following back! Adorable cats!

  3. Your kitty cats are so cute! Thank you for stopping by my blog today. Hope you are having a great day!

  4. I saw that Girl Scout cookies were in ~ aren't they early this year?? I swear they used to come in around Valentines day - or are the years shrinking like my clothes? Gotta have some thin mints!!

  5. Hi Karen and Gerard! Thanks for following, I followed you back! :)

    I so love your cats! :)

  6. Hi,
    I'm a new follower from the Meet Me On Monday Blog Hop. If you get a minute, please stop by and read my answers and follow back.

    Have a super week,

    1) No I have never won 1st place.
    2) Never paint my toes
    3) Hazel
    4) The wall
    5) I don't eat cookies


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