Monday, January 24, 2011

Meet Us On Monday

Here's the questions from last week's meme hosted by Never Growing Old to help our readers get to know us better so sometimes we'll post it on this blog, and sometimes on our Right Where We Belong personal blog.


1.  Do you like your ice cream in a dish, waffle cone, pretzel cone, sugar cone or cake cone?

Gerard likes his in a bowl. Karen likes it all those ways! My favorite flavor is Turkey Hill's chocolate marshmallow. Related posts: Grab A Spoon And Meet Me For Ice Cream and I Made Ice Cream Cake, Cereal On Ice Cream

2.  Do you read the newspaper daily?
Moe, our first cat reading paper with Gerard

Gerard does but Karen usually reads it every day except Sunday. Related posts: "How Do You Read The Newspaper?",
Poop Bags,
Interview Your Pet

3.  Marinara or meat sauce? We both like Marinara better.

4.  Last time you cried?
A Very Sad Day when 3 cats had to be put down

Gerard doesn't remember when he last cried but Karen cried Jan. 1 of this year when I read on Mountain Woman's blog that she had to have her beloved dog, Faeden put down over the holidays. Having our first cat die on New Year's Eve of 2007 and having to have three of my dad's cats put down, I empathize with anyone experiencing this. I know Mountain Woman had a very special long-lasting bond with Faegen. He had bone cancer and was in great pain. Related post: Sylvester Went Out A Champ

5.  What word/phrase do you find really annoying?
Gerard's is "It is what it is." Karen's is: "At the end of the day."


  1. Yes at last i find someone who likes ice cream in a bowl! Following you now and thank you for visiting my blog.
    Hugs xx

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment. Blog hops really help get my silly thoughts out to everyone.

  3. It's pure torture to have to put a pet down.

    And I cannot STAND it when someone says, "It is what it is" And I will spare you my response as it really isn't G rated.

  4. Hello
    Just visiting via MMOM. I have just finished reading Micheal Connelly's The Referal, it was so good I could not put it down and so finished it really quickly, I hate it when that happens!Hope you have a lovely week, feel free to hop over and say hi.
    Helen x

  5. Thank you for stopping by and following, I am following you as well. Make sure you subscribe via email so you dont miss a coupon, giveaway, feature, review, or home tip!
    I love sugar cones or straight out of the container!! HA!
    Hope to 'see' you again soon!
    Stay Fabulous

  6. It is a terrible thing to lose a loved companion, very, very sad... Thanks very much for commenting on my blog, and have a wonderful week.

  7. My cat recently died. When I was younger I used to tolerate it better. Man, I've turned into a sap! :( I also sobbed when I read about Faedan. Sara's posts are always so touching.

    Ohhhh Turkey Hill! They are SO GOOD. I haven't seen them in my stores in a long time.


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