Friday, December 9, 2011

"Part Wild" by Ceiridwen Terrill (UPDATED)

What a story this is!  "Part Wild" by Ceiridwen Terrill is the true story of Ceiridwen trying to raise a wolf dog from the moment it was born.  I loved this book so much!  The writing is so good that I wanted to reach out and help her or give her a hug at least.  Her husband gives her just as much trouble, if not more, than the dog does!  There are funny and sad moments—this book has it all!  It's a page turner for sure.  Make it a point to read this book because you will love it and remember it when you are done.
(Gerard's review)

This is a sad story about how the author struggled with both her relationship with Inyo, her wolfdog (part dog, part wolf) and her husband. She truly believed that if she tried hard enough, she could make any relationship work only to be proved wrong by both her dog and her husband, Ryan. Both the dog and Ryan were part wild! She describes the different problems that came up with both the dog and Ryan. To protect the dog, she lied over and over again, moved from place to place because they got evicted, and finally gave up and had to have Inyo put down. She couldn’t make an enclosure sturdy enough to keep the dog contained and it would chew furniture, clothes and even doors!

Right from the start I didn’t understand why anyone would want a wolfdog. I was glad to see by the end of the book the author said to love dogs, you hold them close but to love wolves, you let them roam. This is an interesting book because it gave me some insight into a lifestyle very different from my own. It seems the author was admitting she made two big mistakes, one was getting a wolfdog instead of a regular dog and the second was marrying Ryan who was heavy in debt, drank and addicted to video games. I felt sorry for the author but was glad it had a happy ending. If you think it would be cool to have a wolfdog, I highly suggest you read this book first!
(Karen's Review)

Have you read this one? What did you think of it?

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