Friday, December 2, 2011

"True Colors" by Kristin Hannah

What a neat novel True Colors by Kristin Hannah is!  It starts off following the lives of three sisters from when their mother died while they were teens.  Aurora is the peace maker who settled for marriage to “Mr. Boring” while the eldest daughter, Winona, an attorney, loves her younger sister’s fianc√© and longs for her father’s approval.  Vivi Ann, is engaged to a real nice guy, but isn’t in love with him and follows her heart and passion when Dallas , the new ranch hand shows an interest in her.  The plot thickens when Vivi Ann goes against her family and marries Dallas who gets arrested for murder!  This is a great story that shows the bond between sisters as well as a contemporary romance and the struggle of a single mom whose husband is rotting away in prison.
I loved this book because the characters were so believable and the story line drew me in and wouldn’t let go!  I liked how the author brought in the horses and ranch activities, how she shared with the reader how the son felt growing up without his dad through his journal entries, and the family dynamics.  It’s a love story about love, hope, forgiveness, betrayal, family ties, second chances, heartbreak and redemption.  I highly recommend this one!
(Karen's review)

Have you read this one? What did you think of it?

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  1. I have this one on my shelf for next year, look forward to it. I'm going to read her Christmas story this month, Comfort and Joy I believe is the title.

  2. This is a mainstream story about the value of family and about three sisters, who sometimes forget family comes first. It's the kind of book that tells it like it is between family and how we can so easily misjudge those we love, by thinking we know what's best for them when we don't. Winona Grey thinks she knows what's best for her younger sister Vivi Ann, who she's been a little jealous of her whole life.

    When the man Winona loves, an old flame returned to town named Luke Connelly, asks Vivi Ann out. Winona says nothing to her sister, when all she had to was tell Vivi Ann how she felt and Vivi Ann never would have gone on the date. But Winona stays silent and Luke winds up proposing to Vivi Ann and Vivi Ann accepts.

    However, Dallas Raintree comes to town and captures Vivi Ann's heart. They have a torrid affair. Winona finds out and tells Luke and now the wedding is off. But instead of being grateful to Winona, he's furious. He was so in love, he'd rather not have known and because of her meddling, she's given Vivi Ann a way out of the engagement and now she's free to marry Dallas, which she does.


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