Thursday, December 1, 2011

"Lethal" by Sandra Brown (UPDATED)

Wow!  Oh WOW! What a thrill ride Lethal by Sandra Brown is!  Honor and her 4-yr.-old, Emily, are taken hostage by Lee Coburn.  Later on you think that might be a good thing, or is it?  I never knew who the good guys and who the bad guys were in this book.  After awhile, I just decided to quit trying to figure it out and went along with an outstanding read.  If you want a page turner, this is it!  I really enjoyed it a lot, including the ending.  It has many twists and turns.  I LOVED everything about Lethal:  the characters were outstanding, the writing well done and the plot riveting!
(Gerard's review)

Lethal by Sandra Brown is full of surprises!  It is a thriller mystery with romance too and kept my interest.  Honor, a widow of a cop, and her 4-yr.-old daughter have the adventure of their lives when they see a man lying in their yard while baking cupcakes for the upcoming birthday party.   This book has suspense, adventure, mystery, organized crime and family ties all wrapped up in it to produce a fantastic read.  The relationship between Emily, the 4-yr-old daughter and the mean man is humorous and very entertaining.  The FBI has its work cut out for them when they are brought in to help catch a mass murderer and track down the leader of a crime ring when no one knows who they can trust.  I liked the ending although it is a bit open-ended for the reader to decide what happens next.  I highly recommend this book—it’s definitely a page turner that you get drawn into right away.
(Karen's review)
Have you read this one? What did you think of it?

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