Thursday, December 15, 2016

"The Beauty of Darkness" by Mary E. Pearson (Book 3 of Remnant Chronicles) UPDATED

The Beauty of Darkness by Mary E. Pearson is the third and final book of the Remnant Chronicles series, and in my opinion, the best!  Lia survived Venda and is now headed home to save her people because an army is coming to her land.  I thought this book was very good.  At close to 700 pages, it is a big one!  Lia was so good!  Even better in this one than the first two.  Rafe and Kaden were good as well and I enjoyed them too.  I LOVED the ending!  This is my book of the month for December!
(Gerard's review, 5++ stars)

Karen read this one first:
The Beauty of Darkness by Mary E. Pearson is the third book of the Remnant Chronicles series and finishes strong.  Princess Lia continues to be awesome and an amazing peacemaker!  In this book, traitors are caught and alliances are made with love taking a back seat as Rafe, Lia and Kaden work together to bring down the cruel Komizar of Venda.  All through, I kept hoping that Lia and Rafe would eventually marry.  Do they?  You'll have to read the book to find out!

Wow!  This book drew me in and I found myself thinking about it even when I wasn't reading it.  I loved this series and really cared about the complex characters as they developed.  Every book in this series is great!  I liked this series even more than THE THRONE OF GLASS series by Sarah J. Maas because it was much easier to follow and wasn't so much magic which made it more believable and realistic. 
(Karen's review, 12/2/16, 5 stars)  

The first book of this series is Kiss of Deception and the second is Heart of Betrayal

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