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"Clover Springs Mail Order Brides Box Set" by Rachel Wesson

There are five books by Rachel Wesson in the Clover Springs Mail Order Brides Box Set:  Katie, Mary, Sorcha, Emer, and Laura. All are set in the 1880s.  If you are a fan of the TV show, "When Calls the Heart," I think you would like all of these!

The first, Katie, is about Katie and her sister heading west to get away from their mean uncle and aunt in Boston. Katie agrees to marry Montes Cassidy but on the way, the train is robbed and the engineer killed. She is stuck in a town called Clover Springs and meets lives at a boarding house owned by Daniel’s mother. She met Daniel on the train and sparks fly between them, but Montes agrees to come to Clover Springs to marry her. Katie wants to get of the wedding, but feels strongly about keeping her word.

The second in this series is Mary. She was Katie’s friend who came over from Ireland with her younger sister and her parents, but her parents died on the ship. Katie’s Uncle did not want to take in Mary and her sister, so they lived at the orphanage. Mary’s sister was adopted, and Katie set her up as a mail order bride for Davey, her brother-in-law. In this book, Katie has a child and Mary and Davey hit it off once Davey shares his past with Mary.

The third in this series is Sorcha. She was a friend of Mary’s from the orphanage and agreed to be a mail order bride to join Mary in Clover Springs. She came to be a wife to an older man with two little girls who had lost his wife and son and is still grieving and very overprotective, understandably. He was only interested in providing a mother for his girls but found himself falling in love with Sorcha.

The fourth in this series is Emer, Sorcha’s sister who was raised by their mother, a member of an outlaw gang. When her mother planned to sell her to sell and give her to Bill, the leader of the gang, Emer at 14 years old, took off to find her sister who she thought was still in Boston. Father Malloy arranged for a well-to-do family, the Shipley’s to take her to Denver with them so she could get to Clover Springs.

The fifth in this series is Laura who also used to room with Mary and Sorcha at the orphanage. She has a photographic memory and a birthmark which caused people to believe she was a witch. She married Johnny, a saloon owner who turned out to be very bad. He forced her to use her memory to help him cheat and win at cards. She finally went to Clover Springs when her husband got shot and found happiness with some old and new friends. There is some interesting action in this book and Little Bear helps save Laura’s life.

I thoroughly enjoyed this entire series because each book kept my interest all the way through Every book is very balanced between adventure, romance and humor. They are all clean and reminded me of the TV show “When Calls the Heart.” I loved them all! I found out there is a next one named Ellen and hope to read that one as well. I highly recommend all these if you like historical fiction and/or western romance.
 (Karen's review, 5 stars)

Have you read any of these--you should! What did you think of it? If you reviewed this too, feel free to share your link to your review in the comments. To find books on a specific topic, scroll to the bottom and click on the topic you want. Happy Reading!

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