Thursday, May 31, 2018

"Heat" by Mike Lupica

Heat by Mike Lupica is a story about Michael, a little league pitcher who loves baseball, has a very strong arm and a big secret he shares with his older brother, Carlos.  They are from Cuba, just like Michael's favorite Yankee pitcher!  He pitches lights out until a rival team challenges his eligibility because they can't believe he's only 12.  When he signed up to play, they accepted his baptism certificate as proof of age, but now must produce a birth certificate which his dad apparently forgot to bring when they left Cuba.  He can't play until he gets it!  Michael only cares about playing ball until he sees a mystery girl named watching them practice with an arm as strong as his and is immediately attracted to her.  

I enjoyed this baseball book and liked Michael's relationship with his best friend and catcher, Manny.  There is also some humor along with some actual games.  I liked how Michael and Carlos stuck together and went to great lengths to keep their big secret.  Ellie also added some extra bit of interest to the story.  I recommend this to anyone who likes reading about youth baseball.  I was a bit disappointed that it stopped short of the Little League World Series game in Pennsylvania.
(Karen's review, 4 stars)

Teaser from page 44:  Michael turned around and looked at Manny.  Who was staring at the girl in the distance the way you stare at fireworks the first time you see them in the sky.  "I saw," Manny said.

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