Friday, April 15, 2011

"Love You More" by Lisa Gardner

Love You More by Lisa Gardner is impressive.  It is a mystery about a mother, Tess, charged with murdering her husband and possibly her 6-yr-old daughter, Sophie, as well.  Tess was a real “mother” bear!  The Boston police arrest Tess, a state trooper who doesn’t have much faith in cops because of her past experience.  Tess lies to the police and devises a plan to find her daughter’s kidnapper on her own and rescue her daughter against all odds no matter what.  She had to outfox the police and the bad guys.  Her plan is genius!  “Love You More” shows there is good and bad in everyone.  It’s about betrayal, friendship, crime investigation, murder, gambling, love, and sacrifice.    

I was a bit confused in the beginning because it was a little hard to tell which lady cop was talking, Tess the state trooper or the pregnant D.D. Warner of the Boston P.D.  Once I got that cleared up, the book got really interesting.  I enjoyed how the State Trooper and the police investigator kept trying to figure out each other and how Tess was able to stay one step ahead.  This was interesting because of the good cops and bad cops involved which made it stand out from other murder mysteries.  I recommend this to anyone who likes mysteries.  I am definitely going to read another of Lisa Gardner’s books.
(Karen's review)

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  1. This sounds like an amazing author which I haven't tried yet but I do have on my Wishlist.

  2. I just discovered her myself. I liked "Love You More" so much that I got two more by her to read: "Gone" and "Live To Tell."

  3. "Love You More" is a thriller and loaded with suspense as Tessa Leoni faces time in Hell trying to prove her innocence. She has been a Massachusetts state trooper for four years and has a beautiful six-year-old daughter, Sophie, and a husband, Brian Darby of three years. Brian has been shot to death and Sophie is missing. Detectives on the case soon suspect Tessa of cold blooded murder, having killed her husband and little girl. The forensic evidence is puzzling, and Leoni, who is less than cooperative, has a battered and swollen face, apparently, from a beating. The situation becomes more complicated and ambiguous, and it is suspected that Tessa has been lying to them from the beginning.


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