Friday, April 8, 2011

Our Friday Fragments

Every Friday Mrs 4444 at Half Past Kissin’ Time sponsors Friday Fragments giving bloggers a chance to share snippets that aren’t enough for an entire post. On our “Right Where We Belong” blog we always share things we learned during the past week so I thought over here, we could actually do a variety of fragments, so here we go:

It was fun to get back on this week. I played Backgammon to refresh my memory and lost the first game but won the second—even doubled my winning game! It’s a great site for people who like to play games—it has all kinds, you can play for free against other people with chat or just against the computer.

I read Couples Who Pray this week and now Gerard and I are praying together again! I registered us online for the 40-day prayer challenge at http://www.coupleswhopray/. I hope it’s not going to be a nuisance.

Took off work went to the Indians-Red Sox game at noon on Thursday. Good food, exciting game. Of course, we brought books along that we read on the bus.

Our daffodils and crocuses are up and our hyacinths are just starting to pop up. I keep telling myself that these spring showers bring May flowers.

I’m getting Dogs Don’t Lie by Clea Simone from the library tomorrow. She blogs about her cats over at The Conscious Cat.

My 5th grade boys Sunday School class went very well last Sunday. We played a baseball review game to review the lesson and they liked it. We’ll continue it this Sunday when the 6th grade boys will join us.

Gerard found another good show to tape each week: “The Killing.”

I am disappointed that the sequel to The Scorch Trials isn’t available yet.  My review of this will be posted this evening.

Most people make the bed like I do—quickly; not like Gerard does, meticulously.

Had some morning bus entertainment this week on my way to work—two grown ladies started fighting each other when they got off. On the bus one yelled at the other for bumping her with the purse. Then one of them pushed the other out the door at the bus stop where they were both getting off and started yelling at each other again. The one swung her purse at the other and then they went at it. A couple guys broke them up.

Hope you liked this week’s fragments. Let us know if you would like us to keep doing these. Why not visit Friday Fragments for more and link some of yours up too.

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  1. Your pugilists on the bus sounds pretty entertaining! I've been reading about the decline of civility, good example there! I'm reading about watercolor painting these days. Not much plot, but real good information.

  2. Yeah, it was entertaining. Riding the bus is always fun! I tried watercolor in 6th grade--painted a bridge and was very disappointed in it. It's hard to keep the colors from running together. Good luck with that! Thanks for your comment.


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