Friday, April 29, 2011

Our Friday Fragments

Half-Past Kissin’ Time host the Friday Fragments linky. It’s just short blurbs from your week that aren’t enough for a whole post by themselves. Here’s ours for this week:

1) Last week Mrs 4444 left me a nice comment: Your header is my current favorite in Blogland--GORGEOUS! That made my day! My favorite blog header is at Jennies Happy World-it's a castle layout with little shields for her tabs! What's your favorite blog header? Go let them know and make someone's day! Watch our "behind-the-scenes" video on making it.

2) Not much interest in our book giveaway for a mom--I'm surprised! It's really quite a nice book on parenting.  If you know a mother of young boys, this would be a great gift! Just leave a comment to enter stating why you would like to have it.

3) Gerard has been watching the hockey playoffs and we are pleased to see the Bruins are still in it after winning game 7 in overtime. Go Bruins! Hockey is exciting!

4) Glad to see the Browns Peyton Hillis beat out Michael Vick for the cover of the video game, Madden ’12. I only played it once, but it’s fun!

5) We finally gave in and bought a new Whirlpool dryer from hh gregg—it gets hooked up tomorrow! They take away our old one too so that’s good. The new one has some kind of sensor so it automatically goes off when the clothes are dry but no timer that buzzes to let us know! Isn’t that strange?  UPDATED 4/30/11:  Oops, when the guy came to install it, he said we need a gas on, not electric.  Now we have to wait one more day.

7) Our high winds Wednesday night knocked over the tree at the church a block from our home. Fortunately, our roof held, our power did not go off and we have no trees in our yard.  I would have taken a picture but by the time I got home from work, the church had it all cleared away.  When will I learn to always bring my camera with me?

8) We took Abby to the vet for a routine wellness exam and they found ringworm in her stool so gave us some medication that should clear it up for her. She seems fine and acts normal so good thing they found it early. They said it was quite common in dogs this time of year.

9)  As of 5 a.m. this morning, we got 88 comments on this blog.  You have only two more days to comment to help raise money for the Japan relief effort through Samaritan's Purse.  We'll donate 50 cents per comment.  Oh, and you may want to visit our post about things we learned this week over at Right Where We Belong.

Why not visit Friday Fragments for more and link some of yours up too.

Find more Friday Fragments at Half-Past Kissin' Time. Be sure to check out what we learned this week at "Right Where We Belong."


  1. Checking out that giveaway now. :)

    Have a great weekend. :)

  2. Is this a new blog? I've commented on yours before (from Friday Frags), but I don't recognize this.

    And are you really reading ALL those books? Rock on! I like to read, but I tend to read books only in the summer. Weird, I know.

  3. Brandi: Glad you won the book giveaway! I'll get it in the mail for you Monday. I think you'll enjoy it.

    Amy: This blog is a little over a year old now but I only recently started doing Friday Fragments on here. And yes, we really do read all these books. Books are good all year round--hope you will visit here often. Our tags are at the bottom of the blog if you are looking for something specific. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I'm glad Brandi won the book-It sounds like a good one, and she really wanted it :)

    This going to sound crazy, but I'm under the influence of a badly needed root canal AND a sinus infection, but is that the same header photo? It's night now, of course, so many the sunshines stands out more to me now because of that? Either way, I do love it! :)

    So glad you avoided tree damage AND got a new dryer!! Lucky you :)


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