Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"Trapped" by Michael Northrop

Some things about Trapped by Michael Northrop book:
(1)  It’s a YA book.
(2)  It’s short--you can read it in a few hours.
(3)  Nobody on Amazon gave it 5 stars--Do I care about Amazon?  No!
(4)  I loved it!

The premise is that seven students are stuck in a high school during a major snow storm.  The characters are realistic.  How will they cope?  When will they be rescued?  I was hooked from page 1 to the end!  Super book!  Give it a chance--you will be glad you did!
(Gerard's Review)

Karen's Review:
Trapped by Michael Northrop is a quick read about seven teens trapped in their high school for a week during a snow storm who fight for survival. They are very resourceful and during that week, get to know kids they normally did not hang around. I liked Trapped all right, but it didn’t seem very believable and there were some loose ends that I would have liked finished up. I liked seeing how the kids interacted with one another and how their thoughts changed as they got to know each other a little better, similar to The Breakfast Club. It has some suspense but isn’t as good as other suspense novels I have read. It reminded me a Stephen King novel in a way because the whole story takes place inside the high school until the very end.

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