Thursday, July 7, 2011

"The Penguin Who Knew Too Much" by Donna Andrews

The best thing about The Penguin Who Knew Too Much by Donna Andrews is the title and the cover. This is a cozy murder mystery that is somewhat humorous and very chaotic. Meg's father finds a dead body buried in the basement of his daughter's (Meg) house that she recently purchased. Her family comes over to help her move in, the zoo animals are dropped off there because the bank was foreclosing on the zoo. It is just a crazy story that I thought I would enjoy because I like animals and mysteries. This was just so unbelievable that there really was no suspense in it. Maybe it was meant to be a spoof on mysteries, but I was not captivated by this book at all. In fact, halfway through it, I switched to Divergent which was really good! Perhaps "cozy mysteries" just aren't my thing, but I did not like this one very much.
(Karen's review)

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  1. I haven't read this, thanks for the review. The cover is cute though.

  2. Yes, if you like cozy mysteries, you would probably like this.


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