Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"Turn Of Mind" by Alice LaPlante

Turn of Mind by Alice LaPlante is told by Dr. Jennifer White, who has Dementia, where it is hard to remember and recognize people.  Unfortunately, in reality a lot of people suffer from this. 

In Turn of Mind, Jennifer may or may not have killed her long-time friend and neighbor.  She also has to deal with her two grown children who have their own agenda, plus a caregiver who is anything but.  I enjoyed reading this right from the start and the incredible ending made this a "two WOW" book for me! 

If you are looking for a beach read or light reading, this is not it.  However, if you are looking for a page turner and something you will remember, you just found it! 
(Gerard's review)

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  1. Turn of Mind was a bit depressing, and I thought the ending was fairly predictable. LaPlante successfully portrays a mind suffering from Alzheimer's. While you feel for Dr. White, through her confusion and her children's reactions to her memory loss, you do not get the sense that she and her friends were especially likable people even in their prime. The primary characters are all flawed, and unfortunately, they are not flawed in an endearing manner.


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