Friday, November 20, 2020

"Playing Nice" by J. P. Delaney Has Lots of Twists--We Both Liked This One!

Playing Nice by J. P. Delaney is told by Pete and Maddie have been living together but are not married.  They have a 2-yr.-old boy named Theo who has some behavioral issues.  When Myles Lambert and his attorney show up on Pete's doorstep with the claim that Theo is really Myles' and Lucy's son and that their special needs son, David, is really Pete and Maddie's son, the nightmare begins!  The boys were both preemies and somehow got switched, but was it an accident or intentional?  Who would do that and why?

This book kept my interest all through, my favorite character being Pete.  I did not like Myles from the start and wasn't crazy about Maddie.  I felt kind of sorry for Lucy because she was married to Myles.  This book is well written in how it gradually develops the characters and has lots of twists throughout.  The ending was a surprise for me too.  (Karen's review, 5 stars) 

Playing Nice by J. P. Delaney is told by Pete and Maddie.  One day they are told that the 2-yr.-old boy they have is not their son at all!  He belongs to another family who want to switch their 2-yr.-old son for theirs!  This is a wild ride for sure!  I enjoyed this book very much and got through it very quickly.  The story line is good and I never knew what to expect from page to page.  Do not miss this one!  (Gerard's review 10/30/20, 5++ stars) 

Teaser from page 15 (large print version):  Disbelief, shell shock, horror, all paralyzed me.  I'm not fast in a crisis, unfortunately, Maddie's the one who thinks on her feet.

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