Monday, November 30, 2020

"Mandy and the Missouri Man" by Linda Ford

Mandy and the Missouri Man by Linda Ford is an interesting western romance about forgiveness.  Mandy and her two sisters are called the Buffalo Gals and live together where they provide food to the gold miners. Their pa left and one day Mandy discovers Trace and his 16-yr.-old sister, Cora, whose face was burned in the fire that killed their parents.  She is very self-conscious about letting anyone see her face.  At first, Mandy wants them off "her" land but becomes friends as they race to build their houses.  Trace is full of hate for those who set the fire killing his parents and his "friends" who he feels betrayed him.  

I enjoyed this book because the characters were likable and it is a clean romance without any sex scenes.  There is humor and even a kitten!  It was fun seeing the relationship between Mandy and Trace blossom.  (Karen's review, 4 stars)  

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