Tuesday, November 3, 2020

"To Tell You The Truth...everybody lies" by Gilly Macmillan is Pretty Good

In To Tell You the Truth. . . everybody lies by Gilly Macmillan, Lucy Harper is a very good novelist.  Everyone loves her stories.  But now two people close to her have vanished--first her brother, now her husband!  What does she know?  Will people believe her?  This book was pretty good.  I liked Lucy, but at times, this dragged along with a just okay ending in my opinion.  (Gerard's review, 4 stars) 

Teaser from page 4 in large print version:  Your mum is clutching you by your upper arms so tightly it hurts.  You have the feeling she might shake you.  It takes every last ounce of your energy to meet her gaze, to widen your eyes, empty them somehow of anything bad she might read in them, and say, "Isn't he here?"

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