Monday, July 5, 2010

"The Dog Who Had Kittens" by Polly Robertus

The Dog Who Had Kittens (Live Oak Readalong)The Dog Who Had Kittens by Polly Robertus is a charming little book for children about a dog, Baxter, who lived with a cat named Eloise that had kittens.  The dog felt ignored at first but when everyone was gone, sneaked in to see the kittens and liked them!  They got along great.  I loved that the dog became “the kittens’ playground.”  It has a happy ending but I do not want to give it away.  It is a fun, quick read and the illustrations are cute as well.  I think any child with pets would enjoy this book.
(Karen's review 7/3/10)

The Dog Who Had Kittens is a book about Baxter, a Basset hound, who befriends a group of kittens that Eloise the cat had.  It is a really good story and the pictures are spectacular!  Pick it up if you see it.  It will make you smile and that is a good thing!
(Gerard's review 7/3/10)

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