Saturday, July 17, 2010

I Don't Like These, I'm Going Back To The Library!

We always go the library on Saturday mornings.  Gerard usually has some books waiting for him to pick up that he ordered ahead.  We combine our stacks and then I get a picture of them to post for our header on here along with whatever pet comes around. 

This morning it was just Spunky Doodle who came.  Unfortunately, Gerard started reading Before I Fall and decided it was too much of a teen girl book that he didn't want to read anymore.  He also got Mr. Peanut which is about the Sam Shepherd case he said.  Once he found out other books he ordered arrived later in the day, he took these to back and got two others instead:  Zoo Story and A Dog's Purpose.

This made it necessary for me to retake the blog picture only Spunky Doodle just was too hot and not in the mood.  Manny came up though, but only wanted to do it if he could be on the ledge.  I said, okay and retook the picture.

This is another advantage of using your local library rather than buying books.  We love the library and are participating in the "Books Ahoy" contest.  They have drawings every week of the contest and we both won Indians ticket vouchers and two coupons for Chipotle.

How often do you go to the library?

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