Thursday, July 22, 2010

"The Endearment" by LaVyrle Spencer

The Endearment by LaVyrle Spencer is another of my all-time favorite romance novels.  I loved this book and think I'm even going to read it again!  This one is about a mail order bride, Anna, for a Swede in Minnesota, Karl.  These two people are very different so things start out very rocky.  It is a sweet, tender love story full of humor and some touching moments.  It gave me insight into how hard life in Minnesota was back in pioneer days and the characters were very believable and sell developed.  This is a must read if you like love stories with some humor. 
(Karen's review)

The Endearment by Lavyrle Spencer is a love story about Anna and Karl. Anna is a mail order bride for Karl. The problem is Anna is not who Karl believes her to be. The fun of this story is watching how Anna and Karl go about trying to find a middle ground, not to mention, James, Anna’s brother who she brings along with her. I would call this a woman’s book, but as a 57-yr.-old man, I must admit I enjoyed it.
(Gerard's review)

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