Saturday, July 24, 2010

Journey to Reading For Pleasure (Blog Hop)

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To get your children reading, make sure they can see.   I say this because when I was in first grade learning to read, I had a very difficult time.  My teacher kept a group of us who were not getting it after school for some additional help and she discovered my problem was that I just could not see the board.  Once she moved me to the front of the room and I got eyeglasses, I picked it up much quicker.

Naturally any mother who loves to read also tries to encourage her children to read too.  My mother was an avid reader and I remember her reading four or five thick books in just a week.  She took us to the library as kids in an effort to get us interested in books too, but it didn't really work.  I would rather go outside and play than sit around and read.  I did the required reading for school, some of which I just skimmed through and that was it. 

In school, whenever I had to do a book report, I would just choose the book by width.  Seriously, if it was a fat book, it would not be one I picked.  Consequently, I missed out on some really good books.  I first learned that a bigger novel is generally better than those little skinny books when I read Jane Eyre for a book report on my mother's recommendation.

In high school I was put into an advanced English class which I really did not want to be in.  To me, it seemed a waste of my time to have to do more homework including 12 book reports when I could get an easy "A" in the regular English class with less homework and only three book reports.  Now, for someone who does not like to read, guess which class I chose.  I got out of that advanced English class as fast as I could! 

Even in college, I read very little of the textbooks.  Mostly, I just took good notes in class, then typed them up and studied from that.  I maintained good enough grades that way to keep my scholarship for all four years.  I only actually read the books for courses I was interested in.  

It wasn't until I was married that I started to enjoy reading for pleasure.  My husband was a reader ever since elementary school.  It's funny though, he didn't go to college.  I think if he had gone, he would have learned more than I did.  He used to buy books but once we were married, I took him to the library and showed him how he could actually go online and order popular books that he wanted to read and they would send him an email when they came in.  When he read a book he thought I would too, suggested I read it.  I don't recall what the first book I read was that he recommended.

Mostly I still read when I'm bored, like while I ride the bus to and from work, or while waiting at a doctor's office, or during a lunch hour.  I seldom read at home unless I have a book that really is gripping and I can't wait to see what happens next or if I'm in a hurry to finish a book. 

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  1. Just adding my comment for my one of my favorite authors: Lee Child.

  2. I love that you're not an avid reader yet still make yourself read. As an avid reader, I've never understood why this would not be one of the things everyone does in idle times.

  3. I never read anything by Lee Child. Do you have any recommendations?

  4. I used to read a LOT--My mom really got us into reading, but I think I also enjoyed reading because it provided an escape that I needed! For a long time, I preferred non-fiction books (self-help, memoirs, etc.) with a few fiction books thrown in. Nowadays, I rarely read books but prefer reading blogs, I guess because a) I'm super social and b) They are quick reads and very satisfying, just like this one :)


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