Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"Prairie Tale" by Melissa Gilbert

Prairie Tale by Melissa Gilbert is a real eye opener.  The adopted child actress who was in the hit show, "Little House On the Prairie," shares her personal moments, feelings, struggles and triumphs in her own search for identity.  I learned so much about her as a real person and was shocked at some of the things she did.  Her life had lots of ups and downs, all of which contributed to who she is today.  This book gives the reader a look at the acting profession and Hollywood from the inside.  Melissa Gilbert is a great actress who got sucked into the wild life of drugs, alcohol and sex but was able to finally get the help she needed to overcome it.  I enjoyed learning who she really is.
(Karen's Review 7/26/09)
What an amazing story!  When I found out Melissa had written a book, I knew one thing--I had to read that book!  It took awhile for me to finally get it from the library but it sure was worth the wait.  Whatever you think you know about Melissa, trust me, you don't.  But the good news is you will after you read this book.  What a story Melissa has to tell!  To say I was surprised would be an understatement.  You will laugh and cry; all emotions are in play in PRAIRIE TALE.  One thing you won't be is bored!  My two favorite parts of the book are her Little House years and her relationship with Rob Lowe.  The ending is just outstanding too.  Super job, Melissa!  My expectations were met and then some!   
Gerard's Review 7/18/09)

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