Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Please Stop Laughing At Me: One Woman's Inspirational Story by Jodee Blanco

If you were picked on in high school and grade school like I was, this book brings back all the painful memories that you NEVER EVER forget! I'm so sorry you had to go through all this, Jodee. I was right there with you! So glad you wrote your book. I wish I had. 

God bless you, Jodee. Hope you enjoy great success in your life. Can't wait to read the sequel. Jodee is right. Teachers do nothing. Parents do nothing. You are on your own! I finished this book in just two days.

Please Stop Laughing At Me:  One Woman's Inspirational Story by Jodee Blanco is an autobiography of Jodee's struggles all through school. She tries to stand up for what is right and gets shunned and ostracized. She keeps wanting to "fit in" but doesn't know how without being untrue to herself. Near the end she finally gets some real friends. She takes a lot of abuse from kids who once were her friends, but deals as best she can looking forward to her future at college. I think teens would especially like this book.
(KAREN'S REVIEW 6/20/08)

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  1. While my overall feeling about this book was very different, some of her experiences about feeling pressured to go along with her friends reminded me so much of Jr. High and High School...and thus reminded me why I hated both so much. Thank goodness we all grow up and move on. Maybe that is why I was not such a fan of the book--I have/had NO desire to re-live or remember those years! :)


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