Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"Castle In The Mist" by Robert J. McCarty

Castle In The Mist by Robert J. McCarty is the second book in his “Planet Of The Dogs” series.  Stone City has been at peace and prospered for a year since the dogs came to show them a better way of getting along but that is all about to change when Bik, the leader of Stone City finds his children have been kidnapped by two traitors who took them to mean Prince Ukko, leader of the Black Hawk Tribes who holds them prisoners.  Once again, the dogs from the Planet of the Dogs devise a plan to rescue the children before Bik leads Stone City into a war. 

I liked how the dogs were once again successful in winning over the mean leaders.  The dogs are clever, brave, helpful, loyal and loving.  I recommend this series for children ages 6-12 and to dog lovers of all ages.  It is a quick read but one that I enjoyed.  Of the three books in this series (the other two are Planet of the Dogs and Snow Valley Heroes--A Christmas Tale) I liked this the least just because Prince Ukko were very mean wanting to capture and destroy all the dogs!  At least he changed his attitude in the end!

To read a sample chapter, order a book or for more information visit www.planetofthedogs.net and the blog at http://barkingplanet.typepad.com.  We received a complimentary copy of this whole series from Barking Planet Productions to review this book and will include it in a November giveaway. 

Have you read this one? What did you think of it?

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  1. Thanks for your review...we are very happy that you liked the conversion of Prince Ukko by the dogs...and that you recommend the book for kids and dog lovers.
    Wags, woofs and best wishes,


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