Monday, October 11, 2010

Meet Me On Monday by Gerard

Here's the questions for this meme hosted by Never Growing Old to help our readers get to know us better so sometimes we'll post it on this blog, and sometimes on our other blog.  Today, I put my answers here and Karen's are over at Karen & Gerard Zemek since we each have some different answers on this one. 

1.  Do your pants get hung on a hangar or folded?  I hang mine on hangers.

2.  If you are stranded on an Island, what 3 things would you need to have with you (not including humans or electronic devices)?
A book, a knife and my dog.

3.  Where is the farthest you have ever traveled to?
Niagara Falls on the Canadian side when I was a kid.  As an adult, it would a safari place in Ohio which was about an hour and a half drive. 

4.  Do you live in a house, trailer or apartment, etc.?  We live in a brick house on a quiet street.

5.  What is your most hated household chore?  Cutting down the Day Lillies in our backyard.


  1. We have to cut the day lillies off our fence from our neighbors yard! New follower from Meet Me On Monday!

  2. I really dislike yard work of any kind!

  3. Oh Yes, the Day Lillies and the Iris..why didn't I think of that!!! I am stopping by from Meet Me On Monday and will come back when I have more time to read your lovely blog on books!


  4. Hi, Thanks for stopping by my place for "Meet Me On Monday". It's always nice to meet new friends...A brick house on a quiet street sounds nice :) Until next time...Kathy

  5. Nice answers, Gerard! You inspired me to play, too.


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