Friday, October 22, 2010

"The Pelican Brief" by John Grisham

The Pelican Brief by John Grisham is about Darby Shaw, a law student who does some research into a possible suspect who had two Supreme Court Justices assassinated.  She finds herself on the run when her brief makes it all the way to the FBI, CIA and the President.  There is a lot of killing in this book and Darby realizes she is in danger.  This is a real thriller because Darby doesn’t know who to trust.  She finally trusts Gray, an investigative reporter at the Washington Post who admires her and together they work at getting evidence.  It’s quite an elaborate story. 

I liked it because Darby was so smart when she was running for her life.  It was hard to believe she was able to outfox professional hit men, but at the same time, it was fun to see her doing it.  It has quite a bit of action which helped hold my interest.  It’s not my favorite Grisham book, but it is pretty good.


  1. One of these days I'm gonna' hafta' read one of John Grisham's books. They always sound so interesting. Mostly, I like to read kids' books, though. Thank you for sharing.

    ~ Yaya

  2. John Grisham has written a YA book called Theodore Boone--Kid Lawyer. I liked it. Here is the link to my review of it:

  3. I love this book and has to be one of my favourites written by John Grisham... I have also watched the movie with Julia Roberts in it and would highly recommend that.. Best wishes Debs @ Debra's Book Cafe


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