Wednesday, October 6, 2010

“Snow Valley Heroes—A Christmas Tale” (Planet of the Dogs Series) by Robert J. McCarty

If you are looking for a children’s story with adventure about dogs that actually has an interesting plot, Snow Valley Heroes—A Christmas Tale (Planet of the Dogs Volume 3) by Robert J. McCarty is it! This is sort of a silly story but one that gets the message across that dogs a wonderful creatures. The king of the North who lived in the Ice Castle decided to end Christmas by stealing a couple of Santa’s reindeer and ambushed the traders delivering supplies to Santa’s Workshop. At this time all dogs lived on a separate planet but heard of this and after holding a meeting, were anxious to come to earth and help save Christmas. Only children and elves can communicate with the dogs. (I told you it was silly.) I loved the ending, but will not give it away and spoil it for you.

I thought the map in front of the book was very helpful which showed the places that were referred to in the story such as Santa Claus Village, Snow Lake Trail, Royal Forest, Snow Town, Tundra Town, Tundra Trail and Snow Hills. I also liked the names of the places on the dog planet: Terrier Town, Waggy Valley, Muttville, Retriever Meadows and Spaniel Corners. There are also other illustrations throughout the book.

I enjoyed reading this book because I love dogs and had no idea how they would help save Christmas. I particularly loved the part when the dogs were running through the Ice Castle with the guards trying to catch them.

The Planet of Dogs Series was inspired by stories the author made up for his children and grandchildren. The first two in the series are Planet of the Dogs and Castle in the Mist. To read a sample chapter, order a book or for more information visit and the blog at

We received a complimentary copy from Barking Planet Productions to review this book and will include it in an upcoming giveaway among others to show appreciation to our followers.

Have you read this one? What did you think of it?

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  1. Hi Karen,

    Thanks for your warm, positive review of Snow Valley Heroes, A Christmas Tale.
    Please let us know if you would like to review Planet Of The Dogs or Castle In The Mist.
    Wags, woofs and best wishes,
    Stella and Robert


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