Monday, October 4, 2010

Meet Us On Monday--Oct. 4, 2010 (Bloggers Over 40)

We thought you might like to get to know us better so we will do this meme now and then hosted by Never Growing Old.  Here's the questions for this week. Sometimes we'll post it on this blog, and sometimes on our other blogs. Go over there to meed more bloggers over 40 or to join it!

1.  What is the best dish you can make?     
The best I ever made is ice cream cake

2.  How often do you change your sheets?
         About once every two months.  I know we should do it once a week, but it just doesn't happen that often.

3.  What is the longest car trip you have ever taken?
         King's Island in Cincinnati. (4 hour drive)

4.  What is your favorite fruit?
         Karen's:  grapes        Gerard's:  apples and bananas

5.  Would you rather have breakfast for dinner or dinner for breakfast?
         Breakfast for dinner.  We both like cereal and breakfast food.  I could eat it anytime.

This was fun.  I included some links to posts we've done about these things if you would like to read more about it.  I hope you will visit our other blogs as well!


  1. Hi Karen! Hey Gerard!! I'm 22 but I want to answer the questions!! Haha...

    Q1: Rice..haha! don't have skill in cooking...
    Q2: OMG!! I haven't change my sheets since I check in into this hostel. 4 months already!! haha...but it smells good...and clean..=)
    Q3: I love banana...avoid constipation. =b
    Q4: Dinner is dinner. Breakfast is breakfast.... but i rarely manage to get my breakfast. Is it bad??

    Haha..well guys! have a great day...=)

  2. Hi, thank you for stopping by.

    Durian and Guava are tropical fruits. We have it here in Indonesia. They taste sweet and sour but for me they are delicious^^

    For the map. Go to and click Get Direction at the left top.

    Put your cursor at the place you want, click right on image and click Direction from here.

    Then put your cursor to another place you want and click right on that image, Direction to here.

    Automatically google will draw a line.

    Try it, it's so simple. If you want to put it on your blog, click LINK at the right top.



  3. Hi. I am your newest follower from the MOnday blog hop. Lovely blog:)You can find me at

  4. Great answers. :) I definitely like breakfast at any time. I also enjoy cereal for dessert. Speaking of dessert, that ice cream cake looked amazing! Have a lovely week!

  5. I looked around and really enjoy your "Meet Me On Monday" series. I came from Spooktacular Book Giveawy and would love the book "Four Past Midnight". Please use email address NOT the gmail one. Thanks.


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