Friday, October 22, 2010

"Planet Of The Dogs" by Robert J. McCarty

Planet of the Dogs by Robert J. McCarty is a delightful book for children with some drawings included.  It is a tale that takes place long before any dogs were on the earth.  Because of greed on the Earth, the Stone City Warriors were getting ready to attack Green Valley and take what didn’t belong to them.  The dogs had a meeting and decided to help the people on Earth remember how to love again by sending dogs down to show them how.  Only children can hear what the dogs say.  No one had seen or heard a dog before but they quickly found out they are wonderful creatures.  They made people smile, helped the sick feel better, helped herd the sheep and protect the farms from intruders, run off bears and rescue children from drowning.  I liked how the Planet of the Dogs sent lots of dogs to Earth so that every family who wanted one could have one. 

Our dog, Abby, gives this book 4 paws up!  She loved how the dogs came to the rescue and many found new homes on Earth with families of their own.  She also liked how the dogs all worked together and barked and wagged their approval of the rescue plan.
I think this book would make children want a dog of their own.  The author does a fantastic job of creating a word picture of the excitement of the dogs that reminded me of how our dog gets and made me feel as though I were right there with them!  Planet Of The Dogs is a short, quick read, perfect for reading a chapter or two each night as a bedtime story to be continued.  This is the first book of a series.  The other two are Castle In the Mist and Snow Valley Heroes—A Christmas Tale.  This whole series will be available in our Follower Appreciation Giveaway in November.

Thanks to the author for giving us a complimentary copy for reviewing.

Have you read this one? What did you think of it?

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  1. Stella and I want to thank you (and Abby) for your warm and enthusiastic review.
    All of us here on the Planet Of The Dogs are most appreciative.
    Barking Planet Productions


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